We, that is the ten-headed team around Kristina Kosakowski-Sammann, like this extraordinary Garnihotel and our guests so much that we welcome you as if it were “home” with us. In purely arithmetical terms, each of us employees looks after a maximum of four people in 20 rooms per day, because we are an individual house for a maximum of 40 vacationers. So please consider the Windhuk as a small concentrate of the great Sylt hospitality. And please count on our management for everything at any time: She has worked in the media scene for a long time, so she is very creative by nature and, as a coach and trainer, not only has an eye for exciting concepts and ideas, but also brought a special passion for people and service with her when she took over the management of the house at the beginning of 2021.

How to reach us:

Suitehotel Windhuk
Brandenburger Str. 6
25980 Sylt/Westerland

Telephone: 04651-44 66 0-0
Fax: 04651-44 66 0-10